New Video Series: The Conscious Consumer

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Next week starting on Wednesday June 29th I will begin another video series. The last series I did was an online course. It’s free and is full of great advice via the website:

The New Video Series is named The Conscious Consumer. I will post a new 3-5 minute video every Wednesday. The series will run for 8 weeks. The topics are below. What I hope is that you will watch the series and really understand why I decided to discuss what I think is the most important thing in starting a business. What is the most important thing? Tune in to see if you agree. I’m excited about the process of getting to it and I’ve been writing some great notes to stay on point with short and concise videos.

  1. The Difficulty of Starting a Business June 29th, 2016
  2. The Reality of Your Situation July 6th, 2016
  3. Can You Overcome? July 13th, 2016
  4. The Uncomfortable Reality July 20th, 2016
  5. How To Tackle The Reality July 27th, 2016
  6. The Responsible/Consicous Consumer August 3rd, 2016
  7. The Best Way To Not To Fail August 10th, 2016
  8. It’s A Wrap August 17th, 2016