My Weekly Update | Mar 13 – Mar 19 2017 Driving History – Lyft

Mar 13 – Mar 19 2017


Total Earnings



16h 50m 26s


Earnings Details
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Bonus Details
Incentive Guarantee
Power Driver Bonus
Total Earnings$566.44
I finally spent 40 Hours in the car, but if you notice it says up above that I spent 16 actual hours riding. I finally have a real breakdown for how much I’m being paid an hour: $14.15 for this week. Here is what’s interesting though. I jump in the car and drive for 7 days. I’m still not beyond doing my goal of 8 hours per day.
That 40 hours is deceptive isn’t it? When you break it down it’s about 5.7 hours a day. If you break it down even further with the info up top at 16 hours, I’m only driving 2.3 hours a day with clients.
Basically if I’m in the car for 5.7 hours, I drive for 2.3, time in route is about 2.3 and I’m sitting for 1.1 hours.
This is still not a bad thing overall. How does the breakdown of money work for this week? There are two brand new additions in the payscale.
Bonus Details: Incentive Guarantee and Power Driver Bonus
Incentive Guarantee was added last week. It’s a program where you opt-in and you drive during a certain period assigned by Lyft. If you stay in driver’s mode for longer than 50 minutes in an hour and meet the requirements for Power Driver you are guaranteed a minimum of 20.00 dollars per hour. If you don’t hit 20 dollars in fares, Lyft meets the total for 20 dollars per hour. If you go over, it’s regular status and you keep your dough. It’s a win-win if you drive during peak hours anyway.
I explained Power Driver I think. This week I got a 20% bonus. Kind of nice and definitely needed.
I’m thinking about how it would work if I really buckled down and did a solid 8. My first day yesterday I did 7 hours in the car. I’m going to try for 7-8 all week. It always seems that something comes up, a phone call or something and I don’t get started. That’s the problem with working for yourself, you don’t get started sometimes. That’s dangerous.

Gas for this week was 78 dollars. You will notice that is less than last week. I also got my oil changed as the mileage is stacking up quickly. I found out something that was common sense towards the end of last week, but it may not be common to everyone. I start my day out in the house. I turn the app on and then wait for 5 minutes to get a ride. If I don’t get the ride, I climb in the car and drive to a parking lot. I was sent the book above. The Happiness Handbook. I park and I read a few pages. That’s where that 1.1 hours goes. I also finished up Harry Potter and The Cursed Child last week.

Which was a very cool narrative. Sorry, back to the gas… When I drive now and pick up a customer, instead of driving around waiting on the next client, I find a parking lot and sit. This decreases mileage and gas consumption. I’m implementing this strategy this week and I will obviously post about the outcome next week.

No crazy stories this week at all. I didn’t jot down anything after any drives because I was really focused on improving my gas mileage and figuring out the best way to increase my income. I hope these posts are helping you in your decision to drive for Lyft or in your decision to create a second or first job.

Stay Motivated Fam!