My Weekly Update | Mar 06 – Mar 12 2017 Driving History – Lyft

Alright I’ve officially hit another week in the books of Lyft. This week I was supposed to take it a lot more seriously, but I only took it 5 more rides seriously. I have to do better.

Mar 06 – Mar 12 2017


Total Earnings



11h 45m 5s


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Power Driver Bonus
Total Earnings$528.13
Like I said last week, Lyft only accounts for the time you spent driving people to different places. Once again this week I spent about 30 hours in the car. Which basically makes me a 4 hour per day driver over 7 days.
I said I was going to get to 8 hours per day, but I just haven’t worked out the organization. You would think that I could just jump in the car and drive, but I had about three orders on my website for ARCH which is a big freaking deal as I transition the business from third party platforms. When I do have a sale on the site, I have to pick up the order, bring it back, pack and ship it. This takes on average about 2 hours. Which of course disrupts the day, but that doesn’t account for the other days.
My total on gas spent during the week was 86 dollars. This includes the car wash and money spent vacuuming out the car, which is extremely important to me. I may not have hit 8 hours a day, but I take this seriously and a clean car makes a client comfortable.
My goal (once again) during this current week is to spend at least 6-8 hours a day in the car. I’m really going to try to do this for real everyone.
Coolest ride? I picked up a video music director who works with Yo Gotti and does the video for all of the nightclubs in Memphis and in other places. That ended up being like a 40 dollar fare in one ride.
It was a great week. Notice the numbers I was paid for two cancelations. When you drive to a person and you are sitting and waiting, if they cancel you get a 5 dollar bump. It helps to offset the drive there. I also had a fair amount of tips, which I don’t expect at all considering I tell people not to tip because I have just as much fun as them with the conversation. Also notice the bonus. I’m pushing to get to 20%. This bonus was at 10% which is cool because if you notice the total money I made last week was 563 and the total payout was 528. This means Lyft only took 6.22%.
Not bad at all.
Worst ride? It wasn’t really the worst ride, and I don’t want to crack jokes about it, but I had a guy who was a recovering addict. He was incredibly nice and thoughtful, but because of the drugs they gave him to offset his addiction (who the f–k gives someone a drug for a drug? I guess it helps to wean you off of a tougher drug, but dizzam!) the new drug caused him to talk like the Sloth on Zootopia. Which was crazy.
Me after noticing he hadn’t put the address in, I ask: “So where you headed?”
 I know it’s not cool to laugh, but the entire drive was like this. Like I said, it wasn’t bad at all, it was actually a good talk.
Hit me with questions.