My Top 5 Horror Films

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In my never ending attempt to find items that keep me knowledgeable about things that matter, I am finally sharing one of my guilty pleasures. I am giving a big shoutout to Ryan Connollly who hosts what I think is one of the funniest webshows created. Bookmark this page and visit it to check out the episodes. Why am I asking you to leave this site and visit Film State? It’s simple, if I don’t give you this information, you will never be as smart as I am. At least about upcoming releases. What does my shoutout to Film State have to do with My Top 5 Horror Films? I got the idea to drop this list after watching Ryan go through his top 8 Horror Films. So with all of this info at your disposal, let’s get into my list.

For the record, I happened to be the kid that used to collect Fangoria. If you don’t know what that is, you can’t question my list at all. Simply use it to get ready for All Hallow’s Eve.

5. The Eye: Asian version: While the American version did have a couple of jumps and did an admirable job of copying the original, it just doesn’t live up to the tone and style of the original. My first time watching The Eye I automatically removed The Ring from my list of favorite Asian horror films. Why? The Ring, while a very scary film as Ringu, seemed to lack the clarity and detail that made the story in The Eye better. Consider this, and I’m not trying to make you feel weird or nervous, or jinx you: What if  you were blind and you could get an eye (cornea) transplant. Seems like a good thing right? Well add to this that the corneas come from a girl who committed suicide because she had sight beyond sight.  Okay, that doesn’t sound spooky enough? I have one word for when you do watch it: Elevator

4. 28 Days Later: I have always enjoyed a good Zombie movie, but honestly they only scared me when I was younger. It wasn’t really the story that scared me then, it was the idea that things could rise from the dead and try to eat your brains. As I got older and began to understand the economic and social meaning of zombie films, that’s when the fear began to set in. In a world where people actually act like sheeple and allow themselves to be manipulated watching a film about the decimation of human kind by mindless monsters takes on a different meaning. 28 Days Later though takes the zombie story and places it in a completely different arena. It’s not the living dead that creates the horrifying situation, its rage. The reason this film is actually one of the scariest films is because it’s actually happening. Think about that when you watch it and the tension becomes real.

3. Paranormal Activity: I’m a San Diegan at heart so just the fact that the film was set in Dago bothered me. Actually though, anytime a film features a child it’s just creepy. Think about it… I see dead people, the music in Damien, hell Chucky are all films that kind of creep you out. Paranormal Activity though is very similar in style to The Blair Witch Project. It’s scary because of what you don’t see. The idea that people die in homes all of the time is a thought that’s enough to make you nervous on GP, but when those things that aren’t really there begin manifesting on film in a way that has way too much verisimilitude, it makes you stay awake at night.

2. The Others:  Sometimes a film doesn’t have to push you over the edge to scare you. Sometimes fear is subtle and good story telling is worth more than just a good startle. The Others is the epitome of an Ambrose Bierce ending and the stylistic nature of the film lingers with you when you finally realize that things are not quite what they seemed.

1. The Exorcist: If there has ever been a film that scares you simply because of a song, it’s The Exorcist. Tubular Bells may be the most recognized song in film and just the sound of it carries enough weight to make this film a classic that is still able to terrify even the toughest guy. What is it that still scares the hell out of us about this film? I think just the idea of demonic possession scares people into church. Where The Exorcist excels in the indirect imagery that is burned into your brain. When the film was re-released there were these images of demons inserted throughout the film and that is where The Exorcist rules. Like Paranormal it is what you don’t see that disturbs you. The howls and indescribable noises that come from behind Reagan’s door haunt you. The Spider crawl scene doesn’t hurt either though.

What are some of your favorites?