MVP | Gamevice | go90 featuring KD and Gronk (Shark Tank Styled Pitch Show) 

Source: MVP | Gamevice | go90 featuring KD and Gronk (Shark Tank Styled Pitch Show) – ARCH

Entrepreneurs Philip Hyun & Fraser Townley are hoping to entice the MVP panel with their new gaming control, Game Vice. Will these entrepreneurs recruit new brand ambassadors for their company or will they get stuck sitting on the bench?

Verizon has created a Shark Tank styled show featuring professional athletes as the panelists considering pitches. The shows are only 8-15 minutes but they are definitely worth your time if you like pitch styled shows like Shark Tank. Use the Source link to check out the first episode. It takes a lot of buffering and on your phone you need the app for go90, but on your desktop you can view without a problem. The regular panelist will include Gronk and KD, but this episode includes Marshall Faulk, Terrell Owens, and Antonio Brown.

Episode 2 Link:

MVP | Incrediwhip | go90 – Gronk and KD Invest In Coffee Topping?

Well, they aren’t investing, but they will take a percentage of your company to become a brand ambassador for you.

In this second episode of MVP (Most Valuable Partner, a show that is kind of like Shark Tank except you earn in influencer that is a sports athlete as well) the panelists listen to a pitch on a new coffee topping. Use the source link to click through and check out the show.