#MentorMonday S21: Entrepreneur Panel #1

10639462_813416582071563_6447830943471463243_nI’ve been hoping that people would begin to interview me or ask me for information about launching a business, or teaching, or ideas, or any damn thing since I tend to think I’m pretty knowledgeable about a lot of things. This month I was asked by Paul Carrick Brunson (an incredible businessman and host www.paulcbrunson.com) to participate in his Spreecast Mentor Monday show. I was nervous and excited and I became more nervous and excited when I realized I would be on the panel with Stacey Ferguson (http://justicefergie.com/) and Evita Robinson (http://www.nomadnesstv.com/).

What’s interesting is how easy the panel worked and how comfortable I felt which is a testament to Paul and his producer Ella Rucker. Just for the record this was my first time doing a web panel. Ella told me to go and buy a webcam and microphone and I did so. Enough of that though… Please take some of your time and watch this video. I hope that the questions and advice given helps you and if you have more questions, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments section of this post. Also, a lot of the information that I would have liked to share can be found in my book One Hour To Wealth. Check that out by clicking the link. It’s free if you have Amazon Prime.

Enjoy the show and a big thank you to Ella and Paul and my fellow panel members.

Chris B.

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