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I was driving Lyft yesterday and found myself as always explaining that Memphis is a “pocket” city. What do I mean by pocket? Obviously it’s a music reference. When a drummer is right on time the entire band will be described as being in the pocket. Does this mean that Memphis is right on time?

Yes and No.

Pocket in this instance refers to the fractured nature of the city. The city planning created for this city a century ago never planned for the sprawl that has taken place. Memphis is a small big city. The public transit doesn’t have the ability to really meet the needs of the residents so what has happened is Memphis has become a pocket city. It’s cool all over, but exceptional in “pockets”. The pockets are the variety of neighborhoods around the city. These pockets are not close together and that somewhat cripples tourism. The museums are spread out, the parks are in different areas, and the entertainment districts are all over the map. The different pockets are definitely tourist worthy, but without an idea of where they are and where to go in those pockets, visitors can be underwhelmed by Beale Street and overwhelmed by Overton Square.

The line should be right in the middle and these pocket quadrants need to be marked and displayed on all marketing material. Right now one place does an excellent job of helping you to navigate the city and that is the Memphis Travel website. Use the source link to find one of the most informative sources of information for Memphis. It’s loaded with info; but it’s definitely the definitive location for getting your information on what’s happening.

You’re welcome.