Memphis Hi-Lites: The Memphis Chess Club

As I continue to find reasons to like Memphis, I also find reasons to actually like Facebook. It’s not that I dislike Facebook, but sometimes my feed is cluttered and I miss out on information that I later complain about like some old, angry man. This past week Facebook worked. I recently wrote a comment on Facebook about the lack of a barber shop that I could take my son to that provided an atmosphere similar to R.Spot in San Diego. R. Spot is no longer in San Diego due to imminent domain. Damn local governments and their need to take over locations of interest in their gentrification process. Sorry, about that… What was great about R. Spot was the fact that we could play games of chess while we waited, read books, listened to music and enjoyed great conversation.
On Monday I recieved a message from Allan Bogle who had this to share:
MCC stands for the Memphis Chess Club. It is the second oldest chess club in the country. We have a wide spectrum of players, from absolute beginners to experts. Black, white, asian, male, female, every age from 9 to 90; we meet every Friday night to play. Some play rated games, some play casual pick-up games. Don’t worry about being a novice, there are many there. It is free for casual games, the only fees are what the USCF charges for rated tournaments (about half the club are profesionally rated).
This is our website:
Nothing can improve your game like playing at the MCC.
AllanGary’s Facebook
History, games, calendar, officers of the Memphis Chess Club
This is another great Memphis Hi-Lite so take advantage and check it out. It’s on my to do list.