Memphis Hi-Lites: Tempting Berries

Tempting Berries

Tempting Berries

Typically it takes me a second to decide to write a Memphis Hi-Lite. I have to go to a place once, see what it’s like, buy something and actually enjoy it enough to go back. In other words, I don’t take writing these Hi-Lites lightly. I’m not paid by the shops and often it’s by chance that I discover these places (although I often realize that a lot of the places have been around for a while).

Today I’m doing a drive by on Goodwill. You know, driving up to the window and putting a bunch of stuff on the curb before peeling out just in case they don’t want it… Seriously, I was visiting the Goodwill to drop off a lot of really nice baby stuff (in other words I better not make any mistakes – wink wink). As I was pulling out of the parking lot I saw a sign: Tempting Berries.

Real quick, I like berries, and I like to be tempted (not to mention the sign and building was in a lot that once held a nightclub infamous for naked parties) I digress… and that was a joke, just go with it. I see the sign and pull up. I realize that it is what I think it is. Strip malls in Memphis often hide some really dope places. Which brings me back to my quest for Memphis to claim the name of Food City USA. There are so many hidden treasures here it’s ridiculous. Tempting Berries has just rated pretty high on my list for satisfying your sweet tooth. More important, it ranks pretty damn high for getting yourself out of trouble with your wife.

The store has seating enough to enjoy your snacks inside of the shop. Their focus is on berry inspired sweets, but they are much more than just a cupcake shop. In one cooler are chocolate covered strawberries, blizzards (a pie served in a mason jar!), cheesecakes, cupcakes, but where they carry service to the next level is with their custom cake service. While I was standing there they brought a cake out for a customer which featured the greatest player of our generation from the NBA, Kobe Bean Bryant! The number 24 Lakers jersey made me smile. (Hey I’m Knicks fan (don’t tell anybody, since I’m claiming the Grizzlies now), but I am a fanboy of KB24 so seeing this made me smile a little bit.

As I stood there a number of customers walked in and out and the greeting was familiar and warm. You know I loved that. If you can give me a product that I can support and you provide service that feels like walking into your nice grandma’s kitchen (not the kitchen where they hit your hand for picking stuff up) then that’s a place that I can roll with. Obviously though Tempting Berries had an effect on me because I’m writing this on the same day that I actually purchased the products. I typically wait until I get the bubble guts or to see how it comes out… (what? Hey if it doesn’t settle well then I have to say that-Kanye Shrug). I jumped on this after me and the crew dove into the snacks. Enough of that, I know you want to know what we had. You see the picture up there? Here it goes and then the stores information is below. Like them on Facebook and Follow them on Twitter. Their website is attached, but you know me and my business tips are going to kick in (That doggone website needs some work and a presentation that is worthy of the sweets!)

Okay here is what we had:

Turtle Blizzard: Talk about a rich, dreamy snack! Cost 8.00 and if you’re not greedy as hell it can serve 4. If you are greedy as hell, it will put your ass in a sugar coma after eating, but at least you’ll dream about something chocolate and sexy. (For women that’s Idris Elba, for men that’s Lupita Nyong’o) As a matter of fact I’m renaming the Turtle Blizzard to Sexual Chocolate (dropping the microphone and walking off the stage like Randy Watson- I believe the children are our future)

Strawberrry Cheesecake Blizzard: Cost 8.00 and Dairy Queen should be ashamed. This blizzard’s berries had me licking the spoon like R. Kelly at a high school prom…(damn that was too much huh?) Really though and I’ll be serious for a moment the graham crackers at the bottom, whipped cream and strawberries were actually light and this is one you could literally eat by yourself and not feel too guilty about it.

Strawberry icing brownie:  Cost 2.50 Alright, a brownie is one thing, but adding a layer of strawberry icing. Just stop. Putting it next to the counter when I’m checking out because you know I’m greedy… genius.

Assorted Cupcakes: 2.50 a pop. (They do have deals on 6 and 12 packs) We had a damn Oatmeal Cookie Pie Cupcake (you know the ones you used to get from Little Debbie and your momma told you not to eat more than one a day, but you ate damn near all of them since your momma went to work and was too tired to really check them when she got home… was that just me?) Well they put the damn Oatmeal Cookie Pie on icing and on a cupcake. Hold up though, we also had a Turtle Cupcake, yep a Turtle Cupcake and a Turtle Blizzard… but that’s not it, look at the picture! We had a Strawberry Cupcake and a Brownie Cupcake… no words, but look at this video.

Another Memphis Hi-Lite! Here go the contacts:




Tempting Berries Bakery
6765 Winchester Rd
Memphis, TN 38115
Phone (901)363-6300
Hours:Mon – Fri: 9AM – 6PM
Sat: 9AM – 7PM
Sun: By appointment only