Memphis Hi-Lites: Styling Your Music | The Runway DJ

djcoolly fashionable dj that styles in vintage clothing and love shoes

Source: Styling Your Music

I was invited by my favorite local photographer (Darius B Williams) to go to an event hosted by a person I think could change the way Memphis works (Eso Tolson), although I had to leave before it really got started.  I met a few people while I was there and they were definitely representative of the direction that Memphis should be headed. The event was for Creatives and the room was packed with talent. If I had stayed I would have taken every card and created a post for each person; as it stands, I didn’t get to meet many of them, but I was able to rap with The Runway DJ.

For the crate diggers out there, DJ Crystal Mercedes has taken the time to create a platform that highlights the natural connection between fashion and music. For cratediggers often a baseball hat and backpack tends to be the uniform. Top that off with a car full of milkcrates full of wax and you get the prototypical DJ. What you have here is the complete connection between the show and the music and for my money that is a combination that works.

Make sure you visit the site and check out the events The Runway DJ has worked on. Use the source link above.