Memphis Hi-Lites: Rizzo’s Diner

IMG_20150606_172138My first encounter with Rizzo’s happened while watching Triple D (Dive’s, Diners and Drive-Ins with Guy Fieri… I never get the title of that show right, shoulder shrug). Guy had the Lobster Pronto Pup and the Chorizo Meatloaf. That first time I went I was wining and dining a potential investor for ARCH. It was late at night and he had seen Triple D and wanted to take a picture with Chef Michael to show his wife. This was at the old location on G.E. Patterson. The old location had a lot of character, but it was kind of narrow and the kitchen was basically open to the public (not really), but you could see everything that was going on it was so small.

I figured I would eat what Guy ate since Guy and I are both great cooks (awww be quiet and keep reading). I had the