Memphis Hi-Lites: Next Door (Sweet Grass)

20140308_144643I recently set up shop inside of Cowork Memphis for my ARCH Footwear company. The location is in the best area in Memphis, Cooper Young. I’ve written several reviews that have been featured on the Memphis Hi-Lites: Alchemy, Soulfish Cafe, and Phillip Ashley. I could write a few more, but everything in it’s proper place and time. I’m writing this one because I am starting to realize how important it is for local people to support businesses that attempt to help nurture the local economy through cross promotion and, well, co work. Next Door is a bar that serves food. It is not a very big location, but it serves as a great opportunity to experience the cuisine that is served at its more upscale sister location right next door, Sweet Grass. I kind of deviated from my point about nurturing the community. Next Door/Sweet Grass is a part of the Project Green Fork movement. The few words I would write here do not serve this project justice so I will link it here and I fully expect you to click and read more about this truly worthwhile project.

A few weeks ago, LV and I were rolling out with our youngest and decided to hit Cooper Young. We could have driven up the street and checked Overton Square and its multitude of restaurants, but we have wanted to try Sweet Grass for a while on date night, but we just haven’t made it down. We saw an opportunity to try a part of it by going to Next Door. First, Next Door was adult geared, but kid accessible, which is important. The restaurant also is an excellent place to catch a game since it has a multitude of televisions including one room offset with three tables and a large projection television. Since it was basically the middle of the day (the hours for Sweet Grass are 5:30 – until and brunch on Sundays 11 to 2pm), we didn’t order a lot and we knew that the menu might be limited. It actually wasn’t.  Next Door’s hours are 3 – until Monday through Friday and 11 – until on the weekends. The menu was actually very good for a bar and what I liked the most is that Next Door realizes the benefit of a small menu. There are small plate options and big plate options. We went with the big plate options and then shared the food.

20140308_141656 20140308_142028 20140308_142051LV ordered the Fried Green Tomato BLT on Milk Bread which featured lettuce, tomato, apple wood smoked bacon (drool), pepper relish and a side of ranch at only 9.00.

I ordered what I will refer to as some Big Ass Nachos, lol. I actually think that’s the name, but they aren’t on the menu of the website. The nachos were served with a brisket, jalapenos, onions, tortilla, diced tomatoes, red and green peppers and honestly took on the flavor of bbq nachos topped with sour cream, green onions, with a just a touch of bbq sauce. We also had an order of thick cut potatoes. The serving was more than enough for the three of us, and the service was fantastic.

As always I highly recommend Next Door as a Memphis Hi-Lite. You won’t be disappointed. I can’t wait to add to this review with our visit to Next Door.

937 South Cooper