Memphis Hi Lites: My Heavenly Creations

Inside of My Heavenly Creations

Inside of My Heavenly Creations

(Originally posted on 4-13-2014. The store has since gotten a bigger space! The address is updated below)

In every Memphis Hi-Lite I tend to stress the importance of Memphis branding itself in a much better way. The reason I do this is because cities that have successfully recreated the perception of what their places are in order to build tourism, do so by promoting themes. New Orleans is jazz and the French Quarter. Nashville is Music City (which they actually took from Memphis because hey… Memphis is just the best at losing what is valuable to them), San Diego inspires thoughts of beaches and New York evokes thoughts of the boroughs, high fashion and style.

Memphis has a few of the best locales I’ve visited and I’ve been to a lot of places. One of those areas in Memphis, worth a few minutes of a stroll is Broad Ave. Broad Ave is tucked away off Sam Cooper, not too far away from Overton Park which fits in with my desire for someone to make a connecting shuttle service, but of course I’m off topic and I need to get back on point by talking about our Memphis H-Lite on Broad Avenue: My Heavenly Creations. First, I am always skeptical of soap, skin care and candle businesses because those spots that sit in kiosks at the mall with your local earthy dude and dudette, tend to have the same oils, incense, burners and black soap that any flea market in your local town could have. In other words, when someone says, “we make soap,” I go into “Awwww shiggity” mode.

However, it should be clear that I will still support places that are not in the kiosks and have made a conscious decision to distinguish and brand themselves by having a location that requires a serious approach to the craft of creating health and beauty products. My Heavenly Creations has a quaint, home like location that smells absolutely incredible when you open the door and walk in. While the space is small, it is inviting and creates a warmth. Owned by the McLaughlins, the space seems to be overflowing with multiple options that make it a completely different thing than rasta man and the mall kiosks. Everything is created by the couple and they even have stations where you can pour and make your own products. (I think this lends itself to a fantastic day out with the family). They are definitely ready for a larger space, because if the ‘make your own product’ feature had more space, the business would undoubtedly grow into a must see location in the city of Memphis.

My stop allowed me to pick up several products and the cost was right on point. I picked up one of their new products, The Bath Bomb, Vanilla All Natural Lip Balm, Peppermint Foot Balm (my wife needs this, my feet are sexy, lol) and a Blueberry Soy Wax Candle in a Mason Jar (once again you can actually make these during one of their candle building sessions).

I’m never one to heap accolades on to a business because it’s small, or local, you have to prove your worth. Instead of immediately writing this article, I took a week with the products, allowing LV to use the foot cream and allowing my daughter to host a senses party where she allowed the family to smell a variety of items as well as using all of the senses to inspire creative description (hey it was a homeschool project, Kanye shoulder shrug). LV has stated that this is one of the best creams (pause) she has ever felt. The cream has menthol and in a week her heels aren’t as dry as they were. The candle easily outdistances more expensive Old Yankee candles that we’ve purchased before. You can simply open the top and the smell fills the room. Once it’s lit you can put on some Luther, kick the kids out and…fall asleep since that’s what real players/parents do. The lip balm works about as well as other lip balms, but I do appreciate the fact that is all natural. We haven’t used the bath bomb, but I’m sure it will be great because it smells great as well. Overall, my 23.00 was well spent and considering that an Old Yankee candle can cost 29.00 dollars, to get 4 products for less than the cost of a candle was great.

My real reason for placing this on the Memphis Hi-Lites list though is the do it yourself feature of the shop. In a city where it is hard to find family events beyond the standard Botanical, Zoo, etc, this feature has the ability to become one of the coolest things to do as a family. You should definitely check out My Heavenly Creations.
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