Memphis Hi-Lites: Marcus Menefee | Photography and Digital Art


Source: Marcus Menefee

I was invited by my favorite local photographer (Darius B Williams) to go to an event hosted by a person I think could change the way Memphis works (Eso Tolson), although I had to leave before it really got started.  I met a few people while I was there and they were definitely representative of the direction that Memphis should be headed. The event was for Creatives and the room was packed with talent. If I had stayed I would have taken every card and created a post for each person. as it stands, I didn’t get to meet many of them, but I was able to rap with Marcus Menefee. A photographer who honed his skills in NYC before returning to Memphis. His website is a mix of photography and striking imagery that juxtaposes the everyday with a slightly surreal presentation of “folks” As always with the Memphis Hi-Lites section I want to highlight things that I find dope and I definitely think you’ll enjoy visiting Marcus’ site. Use the source link above.

Note: The image above is poetry. If I still had a creative writing course I would assign a writing prompt based on what I call, The Ski-Mask Way… Hip-Hop heads you know what it is, but it really isn’t. Is it?