Memphis Hi-Lites: L.B.O.E.

IMG_20150110_145905What do you call a business located at the corner of two streets? An elbow space. I guess the idea that a restaurant located at the corner of Madison and Morrison in Memphis could have settled for a different double entendre in M&M, or Triple M, but that would have been a lot cornier than LBOE, pronounced elbow and representing the Last Burger On Earth.

Any burger joint willing to make this claim had better bring their A game right? Well, LBOE brings elbows like Z-Bo dropping 20 and 10 on the Los Angeles Floppers (I really should make a statement about the Warriors since we are taking them on this next round of the 2015 NBA Playoffs, but it just feels good to say Floppers… so I’ll say it one more time, Floppers.

I love a great burger and it is my intent to eat at every place that has been rated and ranked in Memphis. I want to make sure I have the right to say that a place is the best I’ve been to. As for right now LBOE stands atop my list of burger places in the area. I have the pictures to prove it, but what is more impressive is the number of times I’ve visited LBOE vs the other places I’ve rated on the site. I think as a family we’ve visited LBOE about 10 times. On an individual basis and in business meetings I’ve visited probably 2-3 more times. In short, I’ve easily spent over 500 bucks with LBOE and I will probably spend another 500.00 before this year is out. I will also visit the other burger joints I’ve reviewed here, but the options, flavor, and ambiance of LBOE make it the perfect solution for last minute options.  Located less than a block from Overton Square the restaurant sits just far enough away that people aren’t really walking past the variety of options to get to LBOE. This doesn’t mean they shouldn’t. I’ve eaten at at least 4 of the restaurants in Overton Square and LBOE rates higher than all except one… but that’s because of the Bread Pudding at Second Line. (Sorry LBOE, I haven’t had a dessert at your place yet… come to think of it, I don’t think there is a dessert option.)

Let’s get down to business. Pictures and thoughts:

Cost: Our average ticket price for a family of 4 is right around 50 to 60 bucks. This includes 4 burgers from their great menu, cooked to taste, an order of their fries (enough in one order to feed the whole family) and four drinks. The don’t serve Lemonade, but their Sweet Tea is just fine. This ticket price is comparable to a night out at any sit down restaurant and the size of the damn burgers which doesn’t account for the taste, is excellent. When I look at it, I guess I really shouldn’t eat a dessert after one of these burgers, but what’s going out without having dessert?  I think from now on, I will probably shoot down to Bass Pro and get some of that Uncle Buck’s Fudge afterwards.

Taste: The best burger in Memphis as far as I’m concerned. Those adventurous flavor options!!!!!! My fav is the Lava Me Lava Me Not (pictured below). It is Marinated in Nikki’s H. A. Bloody Mary Mix, topped with Sriracha Cream Cheese, fresh jalapenos, Pepper jack cheese and Nikki’s H. A. Chips. For your information the H.A stands for Hot Ass. It’s not really that hot though… then again, I love spicy food. My son really digs his Kuma burger: American cheese, hardwood smoked bacon, fried egg. My wife typically jumps on the Bacon Cheese or the Mushroom Melt and my daughter rolls with the kid’s menu cheese burger.

Service: The size of the restaurant is perfect. There are about 10 tables on the inside. A full bar, about 10 tvs, a patio with bar seating and about 6 tables. The service is pretty good and the ticket time is right around 10 minutes for the burger. This is definitely a good thing.

Am I going back? What does 500 bucks tell you? Of course I am and so should you. They don’t know my name and you won’t get a discount, but tell them Chris sent you any doggone way. Follow them on all of their social media and then make sure you actually go and visit. Save your appetite though. Okay here go the pics right after the links.





2021 madison ave memphis TN 38104 us


Oh pictures!


These fries are really good and that sauch on the right…Boom!


The Mushroom Melt… do you know how much mushrooms cost that are that size?


The Kuma… I don’t know what Kuma means, but my son knows it’s his fav.


The Lava Me or Lava Me Not! Don’t laugh but I’m quoting Gwen Stefani, “That’s my ish!”