Memphis Hi-Lites: Godias Interiors

Memphis is a city that has its share of problems, but if we always look at the dark then we can only see what is right in front of us. In order to be a visionary we must see miles ahead and use our peripheral vision to make an accurate analysis. I am going to start looking for the good in Memphis and publishing it here in the Memphis Hi-Lites section. I may not be able to change the perception of the city, I sometimes have the most negative perception anyway, but I can contribute something to the betterment of Memphis 10. Up first is not an eatery or party location, but a home decor store:
Godias Interiors
4780 Riverdale R. Suite 9
Memphis, TN. 38141
Hours: M-F 12 noon to 7pm, Sat. 10:30-7pm

My family is built around the kids. Our house does not have any semblance of elegance or art. There are multicolored blocks all over the house, balls, dolls, and books everywhere. I have given up on the idea of a stately manor, but if I had my choice to furnish the house to have guests over or to hold literary workshops, I’d go to Godias. Godias has an assortment of brass, metal, and wooden furnishings that look like art from various cultures and regions: Asian and Indian influences are in abundance and African art, American paintings and carvings standout amongst counches with materials like suede, leather and woven fabrics.

The owners Reginald and Yvonne Douglas have created a cluttered slice of heavenly design that is nice to just walk through and admire and to purchase. The one slice of the good life I admired the most was a chess table and there was only one there. I think when time permits, I’ll go back and try to grab it before some other chess lover gets it.

Slide through and check out Godias Interiors, I’m sure you will appreciate the service and your support will be appreciated.