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  Fashion Design Certificate Program In partnership Memphis College of Art + Memphis Fashion Design Network Want to become a fashion designer? Join our intensive 9-month program and learn the concepts and skills needed to make your designs runway ready. From September through May, you will take seven concentrated courses to hone skills and master  … Read more

Source: Fashion Design Certificate Program – Memphis College of Art

Design is becoming an important element in job search. As the need for a college degree begins to diminish for the arts, it doesn’t remove the importance of training. A lot of people are choosing STEM fields and the arts take a backseat because there is a perception that you can’t find employment outside of STEM.

The truth is design, particularly fashion design, is now the precursor to many people who have leveraged their knowledge into architecture, interior design and content marketing for various companies.

Memphis doesn’t really have a strong fashion scene, but in the last five years there has been a serious push to get more serious about the field. Memphis College of Art is taking the see a need, fill a need, strategy and offering a certification in fashion. Use the source link to read more if you’re interested.