Memphis Hi-Lites: Best of Memphis 2014

BOM_2014_magThe 2014 issue of the Memphis Flyer’s “best of Memphis” is now available. Why am I sharing it here? Simple, this is the first publication to actually write anything about ARCH and me (Shout out Alexandra P)! I am eternally grateful for the coverage and honored to be a part of their legacy. In return, anytime they post something on Facebook, I like it. Not because I’m returning a favor, but because they do a great job of covering and delivering information about Memphis. The Best of Memphis List is a great tool for visitors to the city. While I may not agree with all of the places chosen by the people who voted, some of these are spot on. So check out this intro and then click through to visit the Memphis Flyer’s Best of Memphis article.

“Those categories marked “BOM” means the winner won with an overwhelming majority. The categories marked “Readers’ Choice” means there was no clear winner.

The Best of Memphis issue was written by Richard Alley, Katherine Barnett, Joe Boone, Shara Clark, Anna Cox, Chris Davis, Susan Ellis, Louis Goggans, Bianca Phillips, Alexandra Pusateri, Toby Sells, Chris Shaw, and Bruce VanWyngarden. The issue was designed by Carrie Beasley. Images were taken by Justin Fox Burks.

As always, we thank our readers for participating in the Best of Memphis each year. Without you, there would be no Best of Memphis. And we thank our advertisers. Without them, there would be no Flyer. Much gratitude goes to Joe Birch of WMC-TV, Kelly Johnson and Jamie Chapman of Molly’s La Casita, and Josh Hammond and Caitlin Belisario of Buster’s Liquors, all of whom went above and beyond to provide images to use in this issue.” Read More on the site