Memphis Hi-Lites: Baron’s Man Cave

Barons_ManCave_SmallAlright so I’m way beyond the phase where I like rolling into the barber shop, walking through the smell of weed, the bootleg DVD man and the dude that “came up” on a bunch of Jordans, iPhones and True Religion jeans. For the last ten years in Memphis I’ve had a couple of pretty good barbers, but I’m really a San Diegan living in Memphis now. What I liked about San Diego was R. Spot Barber and Books run by my friend James Richards. At R. Spot one wall had chess tables, there was a dj booth set up with crates of records underneath, and in the back of the shop was a book store with a seating area. R. Spot wasn’t a barber shop, it was me becoming a man and defining myself via great dialogue and a unique setting. Even on Friday nights, the shop turned into an open mic spot for poetry. R. Spot was a movement. R. Spot eventually closed due to imminent domain, but it has been replaced by Freshly Faded Barber & Shop, but that’s San Diego.

Arriving in Memphis there wasn’t anything that rivaled the atmosphere so I’ve floated around from barber to barber looking for somewhere I could take my son where I wouldn’t have to teach him about how to deal with the atmosphere of the “traditional” barber shop. It’s not that I’m uppity or better than, or any of that… it’s just when you reach a certain age, you begin to respond differently and you want to have an experience that caters to a bit of refinement.

Enter Baron’s Man Cave. First, here are the places to check out Baron’s on the web. After you hit their various web locations, click play on the video below. I can show you better than I can tell you. Baron’s is without a doubt an upgrade on the barber shop experience. As a matter of fact it is not a barber shop, it’s a salon for men. If you ask me, that’s kind of dope. Oh, on my next cut I’m looking forward to buying me a Baron’s Man Cave tee shirt as well. I don’t think I saw that there. (hint, hint) Big up my barber Boswell from the North (Thumbs Up)!


Twitter: @BaronsManCave