Macy’s is closing 100 stores: Does yours stand a chance? – The Washington Post

The end of a Macy’s could mean a death sentence for more malls. But which ones?

Source: Macy’s is closing 100 stores: Does yours stand a chance? – The Washington Post

I ran across this during my morning browsing and immediately thought to share it to ARCH. I’ve been discussing e-commerce heavy on the site along with analyzing lifestyle information. I’ve known about the Macy’s closing and honestly I can see it taking place at one of the best looking malls in Memphis, Carriage Crossing. This article is about the DMV area, but knowing that one Macy’s already closed in Memphis, when I drive by the Carriage Crossing Mall it’s painfully evident that this store has to be on the chopping block. That’s the reason I shared it to CBP. This more of local business issue that I’m thinking of.

The store formerly in the Carriage Crossing was The Parisian. Carriage Crossing is located in Collierville. Collierville on the surface appears to be one of the more affluent suburbs in the Memphis area. The reality is mortgage is much higher and there an abundance of vacant properties there. The people there are also more conservative. The Parisian didn’t stand a chance and well neither does Macy’s. The people in that area are just as comfortable hunting as they are fishing and neither of those things require having any style. What’s more important is that the way the mall is situated the Macy’s location becomes a destination although it is attached to a mall that gets a fair amount of foot traffic.

Macy’s is closing these stores to get back to profitability, but I don’t think that is the issue. The issue is convenience and the simple fact that people are fickle and Amazon is choking the life out of everyone which gets back to my point in creating this series: The Conscious Consumer