Lyft Pics | Pics I Take Between Lyft Rides

I’ve been driving Lyft since February. It’s a lot longer than I planned. I thought by now I would have fixed my business which has been my primary source of income for 7 years, but I haven’t been able. It’s been a struggle. I started meditating to help overcome my frustration with the business issues. That helped me to stop and look around at everything I was driving by. I began to notice different things when I would be at red lights and I thought, “Man, that would be a dope picture for the house.” I grabbed my camera and started carrying it in the car. When I am in between rides I snap photos. I’m posting a photo gallery here for you to check out. I will post about 4-6 pics a week to give those interested something to look forward to. Let me know what you think.

Camera: Nikon DSLR D3100

The photos have been reduced in clarity and size to prevent someone from using the photos without permission. Please let me know if you decide to link to or borrow the pictures. I will be making canvas sized prints for an art show this fall (I hope).