Lyft Pics | Pics I Take Between Lyft Rides #6

This series of pics are more personal. I’m currently struggling through a modification for my home and fighting to keep everything together for the family. The first picture “Anybody” is really a reference to anyone considering last year I grossed 275,000 and this year we’re fighting for our home. What a difference 1 year makes. The “Zora” picture feels like Their Eyes Were Watching God and I was actually amazed that Memphis had the “Chairman” stenciled on a wall downtown. “Better” is a picture that reminds me of how much Memphis has improved and “Out There” is my ode to Mulder. In the final picture “Banksy” I wonder if that is really a Banksy. What do you think?

Camera: Nikon DSLR D3100

The photos have been reduced in clarity and size to prevent someone from using the photos without permission. Please let me know if you decide to link to or borrow the pictures. I will be making canvas sized prints for an art show this fall (I hope).