Let Me Clear My Throat

Approach any African-American and ask them to tell you the name of a Black person who has been murdered by the police and they will rattle off a string of names in machine gun fire delivery. Ask them to name one of the 100s of Blacks killed in Chicago, Memphis, New Orleans, or Los Angeles and you will get silence.

This is not going to be about #Ferguson. This is not even a well thought out post. I’m writing in a freestyle. I have ideas in my head, but I honestly don’t feel like sitting down and planning out my delivery and presenting a manifesto that attempts to change the world. I’m simply writing about something that bothers the hell out of me about my community. White people, no disrespect, I honestly am not interested in you agreeing with or discussing what I’m writing. This is strictly for Black folks in America.

I am saddened a young man lost his life to the cops. I’m saddened and older man lost his life. Both cops should go to jail, or be given a biblical punishment of an eye for an eye. I don’t care that I don’t know all of the facts. I do know that in any form of altercation there are several ways of approaching the problem and resolving it. I also know that the person with the gun typically has the power especially when that person is a cop so both dudes are murderers… plain and simple. Any person who doesn’t think so, I hope that you experience what the parents of that kid are experiencing right now. I hope you experience what the wife and children of that brother are experiencing. Is that angry and harsh? No. People are always able to comment on most things that happen because they have never experienced that type of loss. The type of loss that just shouldn’t have fucking happened. In other words get that bullshit outta here about the kid stealing or J walking. I do agree that the kid in that video was an asshole, and he definitely had an ass kicking coming, but shouldn’t be killed before he ever had the chance of growing into a better person. I also don’t want to hear about a dude selling cigarettes and because he is big the cop had no choice. That’s bullshit.

Now, on to what this is about. I’m so tired of Black people being embarrassed about being Black. I’m tired of Black people looking like shit when they leave the house. I’m tired of Black people forgetting how beautiful and proud we were. I’m tired of Black people going out of their way to prove to White folks that they are good Black people. I’m tired of Black people getting together and marching for Trayvon, Sean Bell, Amadou, and now Michael Brown. This is not the 60s or 70s. Copying the strategies of the past with bullshit leaders of the past does nothing for a people in a world where capitalism dictates the political, educational, social and job markets.

I am also done with the idea that White people and Black people are supposed to be able to get along. If you know a white mothafucka GOOD! Be friends with them if they are cool with you, but don’t go out of your fucking way to do it! Hell, there are a bunch of Black mothafuckas that I can’t stand to look at because they just irritate the fuck out of me. I’m talking about the ignorant mob of men walking around with their asses out who won’t take a job at McDonald’s, the loud ass weave queen, the multitude of overweight ass people who don’t give a damn that their bad eating habits are fucking up the lives of their kids, the wannabe white ass Black mothafucka who came up and honestly thinks that people like being in the fucking hood, the stupid mothafucka who wants to actually be in the fucking hood and lying ass Black preachers (That’s personal), but my point is everyone doesn’t have to like everyone. (AND BLACK PEOPLE DON’T HAVE TO BE STEREOTYPES AND AREN’T). If a person wants to move when you come around be irritated, bitch about it, then move on. This is America and they have a right not to like your ass.

A real protest is Hip-Hop finally deading the N-Word, because whether they think so or not, our perception does contribute to how we are treated by people. I also hope Hip-Hop starts creating a damn movement. Every musical form created by blacks has allows contributed to the struggle and uplifted Black people. Hip-Hop is the only artform that hasn’t maintained a movement. As a matter of fact it undercuts a lot of the struggle that was overcome by dehumanizing us with the constant use of derogatory names as terms of endearment, the lust for money and celebration of stupid ass lifestyles. Hip-Hop could fix a lot of our perception but it won’t because ignorant mothafuckas insist on generating the images that these dumb ass white people who kill us base their whole assumptions on. I’m not saying wear suits, but it is damn near impossible to respect people who call themselves bad bitches and niggas. I mean think about it… when soliders are taught to kill they don’t say “let’s kill humans.” They say, “Let’s kill Charlie, Gerry, slant eyes, sand niggers,” or some other thing except humans. My point is this, we have the ability to change the perception of who we are through Hip-Hop and we can also make a lot of financial gains if those who have benefited from Hip-Hop simply give back and invest in their own neighborhoods. Hell if the more influential rappers just opened a distribution company they could change society.

I could go on, but you get the picture. Black people also need to understand capitalism and the power of their dollars. Stop giving your money to people who don’t fucking like you or care about your neighborhood. The next professional athlete that’s Black who comes into the hood to give you a turkey, throw that bitch back in his face and tell his ass to open a Whole Foods in the hood. I mean seriously, if you walk into the corner grocery and buy chips and then 20 years from now, you’re still buying chips at the same store and you have diabetes don’t blame the white man. Blame yourself for giving the same dude money for 20 years and expecting something different. Then blame the people who are Black and capable of purchasing commercial property in the hood and could open grocery stores, but choose to give to some bullshit charity for a write off and publicity.

Black people, there are Black banks. Black banks, get your ass into the 21st century and offer online banking and free checking. Stop sitting around acting like I should use your bank when you know damn well I can’t do bill pay if I like doing that and also knowing damn well that you aren’t offering free checking to the unbanked population who could live a bit better if they could actually walk in and work with you as opposed to B of A or some other big as franchise bank, or more important the loan shark ass title collection and payday loan processing places.

Ask yourself these questions:

“When was the last time you saw a Jew get gunned down, or choked out in the street?”

“When was the last time you saw an Asian get gunned down or choked out in the street?”

Now continue inserting the various cultures/races into that question and then when you get to Black people realize this


Black people are the most unbanked people in America. Black people are the least educated in America. Black women are the least likely to be married in America. Black kids have more single parent households. Black people own fewer businesses. Black people own less property than any other racial group in America.

Now the first thing someone is going to spout off is, “This is systemic and due to slavery and Jim Crow.” Okay then why in the hell was Striver’s Row and Black Wall Street and a multitude of other towns possible during Jim Crow? How in the hell was the Black marriage rate prior to Civil Rights higher than it is now. I know the subject is much more complex, but we are regressing and the only thing good about what is happening right now is that Black people look like they are finally waking up and realizing #Blacklivesmatter… but that’s bullshit too. If Black lives mattered then we wouldn’t be taking our own lives. We would be more together people. We should care about our perception and create a new infrastructure that supports Black education, ownership and business.

You can’t kill people when they own the streets and businesses in the area and have the full support and strength of the community behind them as well as the financial backing to make sure any wrong is won in the court of law. With the amount of new Black millionaires in this country we should be creating more news outlets, art and developing Black support systems for Black farmers. We should be opening grocery stores, not fucking wing shops all over the city. We should be empowering our kids who are tuned in to media by creating music that is uplifting and empowering. Instead of an NBA player doing the Nae Nae, they should be considered cool for speaking out about injustice and their brothers in the NBA need to ensure that their players union stands by them to make sure they aren’t kicked out of the league like Craig Hodges or Mahmoud Abdul Rauf. Why am I leaning so heavily on Hip-Hop and Sports stars? Because we have always leaned heavily on the Paul Robesons and Harry Belafontes. We are a people who loves their stars and they hold our attention so being an artist or athlete carries a different responsibility in the U.S whether these people like it or not.

I’m rambling… but the bottom line is this: If we create economic empowerment in our neighborhoods and schools, teach our kids about entrepreneurship, get Black banks to support the infrastructure through sound investments into small business people, ask our wealthier stars to create P2P lending platforms for disadvantaged people requiring them to become banked, open grocery stores and warehouses that hire people based on character and willingness to work although a guy may have served jail time, and then grant those who have broken their necks in colleges the opportunity to help establish stronger networks in support of these new businesses by offering college loan payment assistance for mentoring and working in the neighborhood, when a cop is in the hood and decides to pull out his gun or choke out someone, instead of seeing Asian or Middle Eastern store owners looking out of their windows they see Black faces, instead of looking up and seeing signs for EBT or White owned law firms there are Black billboards of Law firms staring down at these cops, instead of the music and words driving by saying nigga, nigga, nigga, bitch, bitch, bitch, they here songs of empowerment from Hip-Hop and images of pride, you better believe those White cops will think twice before acting. Right now, they don’t even have to pause. More important because we have nothing, Black people don’t even have to pause… and let’s face it we kill us more than anyone else.

I may go back and edit this or rewrite it, maybe not, I just needed to get some shit off my chest.