Learning to play Khalid’s Young, Dumb, and Broke | Vince Allen Music


In Vince’s Music Media Class for homeschool this week he had to take on the challenge of creating an instructional video for his YouTube page. This is his first one and I think it’s pretty good. He will get better as the semester progresses. To buy Vince’s music you can use the sidebar on the site to the right or if you are on a mobile you scroll to the bottom of this page. You can also stream it on Tidal, Spotify and almost all services available for streaming. Here is his description for the video below. Share it and subscribe, he will be creating a lot of content in this class this semester:

Age: 15 8/28/17
I learned to play Khalid’s Young, Dumb, and Broke on bass. The notes to play the song are: F# Eb C#. It’s a very easy song to play, seeing as it’s just those 3 notes the whole song.