Keith Kuder – Black Man Vs. White Man Carrying Gun Legally…

I saw this video a week ago and I shared it with the statement, “This video has a messed up spin to it…”  The video is questionable to me for many reasons.

The first segment of the video is from the white males point of view.  He is filming the officer.  He has the weapon slung over his right shoulder and holding a camera in his right hand.  That officer has a little cushion to work with.  If the subject wants to make a move, he would have to drop the camera first.  Furthermore, we only see the officer get out of the patrol car.  We don’t know if the officer saw him and approached him or if got a complaint call.

The second segment, is being filmed by a third person.  The officer gets out of his vehicle, takes a tactical position and gives the black subject orders.  Why wasn’t the black man filming his encounter with the officer?  Why was some one following him and filming it?  Did the officer get a call regarding a man walking down the street with a rifle?

This video is deceptive.  If they wanted to prove a point they would have had both men do the same exact thing.  This video is shaped to make the viewer think that police officers make a difference between white and black men carry weapons.


In this day and age, it would irresponsible for an officer to see a subject walking down the street with a rifle or shotgun and not investigate.  How that officer approaches that subject is up to him; however, I would have handled the situation that same way the second officer did.

In 1973, a subject armed himself with a 30-30 rifle, walked down Kansas Street in Memphis, TN shooting people.  4 citizens and 1 police officer were killed by that subject.  A federal probation officer was wounded.

This video proves nothing.  Don’t believe the hype people.  Don’t take my word for it… Look below and let me know what you think.


Black Man Vs. White Man Carrying Gun Legally Disturbing Video …Be Disturbed! Black Man Vs. White Man Carrying gun Legally get obvious different treatment by police.What happens when a white guy walks down the street with a AR-15 versus what happens when a black guy walks down the street with same gun and same laws. I’m in shock!Share + Like my Page╰▶ Keith Kuder

Posted by Keith Kuder on Saturday, May 16, 2015

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