Is Hollywood Ground Zero for Our Societal Decline?


From I Love Lucy

I remember when Lucy and Ricky Ricardo slept in separate beds in the same room. I remember when a love scene consisted of the man and woman kissing in the living room. The scene fades out and when it returns, either the two are in the bed with the sheets up to their arm pits, basking in the after glow; or, the lady is standing the mirror fixing her hair, wearing his shirt. That was when Hollywood was socially responsible. Things have changed.

50 years ago, having a child out-of-wedlock was a career-ending event for a Hollywood actor. You were in the limelight and you ere expected to live an exemplary life. People got married and later gave birth to a preemie (wink, wink) or they just went into seclusion for a time and reemerged after the child was born. Now no one gets married. Having a child out-of-wedlock is just a kick-starter for the little tykes education fund when the parents sell the first photos to the highest bidder. Hollywood was known for grand, Paparazzi attracting weddings. A grand wedding used to be every girls dream. Now the baby shower is the main event.

Does society take its cues from Hollywood? Yes, they do. Mimi Faust made a sex tape hanging on a shower curtain rod. Sales oray-j-kim-kardashianf shower curtain rods shot through the roof the following weeks. Kim Kardashian became popular after her sex tape with Ray J was leaked.  After that numerous people sought fame through “leaked” sex tapes. How many children are named Sade, Beyoncé, Kobe, and LeBron now? The sad thing is, that we have adults emulating the people they see on the television screen. They are so enthralled with the stars they deem as role models, they’re teaching their children to brainlessly follow people they see on television. Parents should be the role models for their children. Parents should not get so caught up in wanting to live the life of people on television that they fail to set the proper example for their children.


Mae Jemison

There are hundreds of positive people in the world to pattern ones life after. Real people who worked hard to achieve their goals. Kim Kardashian took her clothes off and gained fame. What can she teach your children? Michelle Obama earned a law degree, but I don’t see a surge in women going to law school. Beyoncé was lucky to get discovered and now has fortune and fame. Mae Jemison is fluent in 3 different languages, has two bachelor’s degrees, a medical degree, and is an astronaut. How many people are encouraging the their daughters to be more interested in science and technology instead of whipping and Nae-Naeing(sic?)  .

It’s time to downgrade celebrities from their demi-god status, back to entertainers. After a hard day at work or school, they should make us laugh, sing, or dance. Not set the standard for our lives. Prosperity cannot be found waiting for a celebrity’s next instagram post. Set positive examples for your children and find positive people for the to watch and emulate. Your child’s odds of becoming a doctor or lawyer are far greater than becoming a Grammy awards winning singer or professional athlete.