What I’m Doing Right Now

What I’m Doing Right Now, is my foray into making web videos. During a lecture in 2011 I developed the Key Points that eventually led to the publishing of the book One Hour To Wealth. I didn’t really do anything with video since that time… until last year. I was featured on Paul Carrick Brunson’s Mentor Monday show on Spreecast in 2014. It was a great experience. Surprisingly I was called on by Ella Rucker to complete an interview on Mentor Monday which made it my second time on camera. I started thinking hey, I’m not as dashing as PCB, but I have a lot more I’d like to add to this conversation. I thought to myself, ‘I should really start a video series’. Not as competition, but as an additional outlet to get my message out there. I didn’t really consider doing this until this month (May 2015). When I wrote the book The 30 Day Project I never realized I would adhere to it so completely. I’ve been basically doing a series of 30 day projects and the results have been amazing. What I’m Doing Right Now will allow me a chance to discuss these projects and a variety of things that are on my mind.