What I’m Doing Right Now – Episode 2: Unpacking

videobannerI still haven’t gotten to a full blown explanation of why or what I learned from my self-imposed social media limitation during my 30 Day Project. I’m getting there. I’ve been really busy with ARCH and the new shoe. I also still run the ARCH Online Shop and the store has been really busy with returns (Boooooo!). It’s all a part of the business. I’m still taking notes and I did screenshots of traffic on all of the websites to discuss how Social Media helped/hurt my sites during my 30 Days. I know I keep saying the stats are incredible, but really, they are incredible.

Anyway, this is Episode 3 Unpacking. I made this primarily for those who watch a lot of videos about sneakers or clothing companies that have “blown up”, but they don’t get to see the actual work of how that company began. I’m also giving those of you who aren’t building “Social Media, Consulting, Speech Making” or what I call “non-product inventory based business” insight into how it looks to launch a business that requires you to do a bit more than just selling yourself. Although selling a physical product is the same in most cases, it’s just a bigger investment because of the dollars it takes to make the product. I hope you get what I’m saying.

Check out Episode 3. It’s not long at all and it features some dope music by my music supervisor Brandon Meeks www.brandonmeeksmusic.com.

Oh and big shout out Freshly Faded in San Diego for the tee shirt I’m wearing in the talking portion.