If You Like It, Do It


This pic is hilarious

Okay, I realize that the title is a little suggestive and may create a completely different discussion if this was a “special” website, but really if you like IT, do IT. Uncomfortable pause … What is it? I don’t know many people who don’t have a list of their favorite things readily accesible when asked.  if you ask someone who their favorite team is, they yell with pride (insert team).  If you ask a guy who his favorite actress is, he yells (insert name). What I’m getting at is this, people have things that they enjoy thoroughly and the cool thing is if they really like it, they try to do it several times a day. Yep, that too…

 Some people even get in trouble at work for doing it. Once again, what is it? America’s new favorite past time is no longer baseball. America’s new favorite thing to do, actually it isn’t new, is to browse the internet. Darn, I went through all of that just to say that people like the net? Well there is something very important about browsing habits that need to be discussed and I won’t take as long to bring this up.

Since the advent of Myspace, and now Facebook and Twitter, people have grown accustomed to waking up, and going to bed by checking one of these websites. There is nothing wrong with that on the surface, but what has begun to happen after all of the social networks have been patronized is a reduction in actual visits to individual websites. This is what I’m saying: I used to have a routine a few years back.  I had a list of websites that I would visit on a daily basis. I mean I would make certain to make my rounds and this is how it went: 1. Wake up and hit up the email.  2. Then visit dimemag.com, bouncemag.com, slamonline, espn.com, rivals.com and then I would drop in on a couple of messageboards.

Now granted I used to run a basketball website so my focus was solely on sports with a dash of Poets & Writers thrown in; but I did make sure to visit these sites religiously.  Since I’ve been on Facebook, and I can get updates and random information in feeds and through Twitter updates, my visits to those sites have decreased. Why is this important? Well this is the problem, I used to visit a lot of smaller websites as well. Patronizing those websites helped the people who run them to get impressions and sometimes I would click an ad if it was interesting enough. By doing this I was unconcsciously and consciously helping a small business. What has occurred now, with Facebook is that my list of sites I visit has diminished. I also don’t bookmark as many sites as I used to. My lack of patronizing the smaller sites is detrimental to the growth of those sites.

What am I ultimately getting at here is this as the people who make the internet as important as it is, we have to be more responsible in our browsing habits. We have to be more conscious of what we do online. Your visit to a website helps the person running the site to generate ad revenue, or potentially a sale or two. I am not saying that it is your duty to buy something from a site, or go to it whether you like or not. I am asking you to take the time each day in your browsing habits to pick several websites to visit.  I know, that you know, that I know, that you have the time to visit a few sites a day. Choose a couple of new sites to add to your rotation and bookmark those sites. Share information from those sites. Don’t allow Facebook to completely dominate your time on the web. If you like it, do it and maybe when it’s your turn, someone will do it for you.

A list of cool websites that are worth your time. At least these sites are cool to me. Pick some of your own:

AALBC www.aalbc.com – A great place to discover books or get information on business and entertainment

Blogmaverick http://blogmaverick.com/ – Mark Cuban is rich, and he actually spends time blogging, nuff said

Okayplayer www.okayplayer.com – Music, music, music and more music monitored by the Legendary Roots band’s Questlove

Frolab: http://frolab.com/ – The essence of cool: art, music, information, really dope site

Cool Hunting: http://www.coolhunting.com/ – Another dope lifestyle blog

Nick Engvall: http://www.nickengvall.com/ A man in transition who takes really cool pictures and wears some dope sneakers