If J Cole Gets It Why Don’t You? Dreamville Records — Cole World No Blanket

Founded by Grammy-nominated artist and producer J. Cole, Dreamville Records, an imprint under Interscope, is home to artists such as Bas, Omen, and Cozz.

Source: Dreamville Records — Cole World No Blanket

Alright so you’re local and you keep dropping mixtapes and putting info on social media and reaching out to fans, but your traction is okay for a minute then it falls off. You have to keep dropping mixtapes and free stuff and the end game is hoping that someone big notices and you become the next Lil Dicky or some new mumble/trap rapper or singer to break out.

The extent of your work is hitting the studio recording and performing locally. No video of your performance, no ownership of your online presence outside of social media, which isn’t bad, but it doesn’t allow for the most important aspect of the internet, search.

It amazes me that day after day I see artists working their tales off for momentary support via social, but completely ignoring their own entities which will only go away or fail when you stop using it. At anytime your social networks could crap out, erase you and where are you? Starting over from zero. You aren’t big enough to get the fans back immediately and the people who might be searching for something similar to what you do can’t find you because you don’t have your own platform.

The Source Link above for Dreamville is from J Cole. If J Cole gets it, why don’t you? If Talib Kweli created Javotti Media and obviously gets it, why don’t you?

When I first met Brandon Meeks he didn’t have a website. I paid for it, he reimbursed me when he could and now he does double duty posting everything to his site first and then to social. Brandon is very tech savvy, but in this new era of music you have to be.

If J Cole gets it and does it and he’s freaking famous and paid, and you aren’t doing it, what does that make you? Boo Boo the Fool.