How Racism Reared Its Ugly Head After #MissUniverse2015

I stated a few weeks ago in #TTBS:Social Media During a Crisis “The Internet is a magnificent development in out society; however, people hide behind their avatar and show their true colors.” Well here we are. The crazy thing is, I don’t understand the response… None of these people are from Columbia or the Phillipines.  This was just an opportunity to vent their racist garbage.  I really wonder if any of these people were part of the 6.16 million people who actually watched the pageant or did they just chime in after the internet buzz started. This is a very disappointing article. 

When Steve Harvey announced Colombia instead of Philippines as the winner of the Miss Universe 2015 pageant, and proceeded to apologize for his inaccuracy (in grammatical errors, no less) the Internet rolled up its collective sleeves to make Harvey comedic fodder in the form of endless memes and gifs

Source: How Racism Reared Its Ugly Head After #MissUniverse2015