GFP? Guilt Free Pastries-No Question It’s…

10636003_294932154027946_1484654433227838332_nA local business that began out of both neccessity and the primary goal to share. When you have a combination of passion and talent, typically good things happen. When you decide to take that passion and talent and begin a business, it can end poorly if not executed properly. About two weeks ago at Cowork Memphis there was a First Thursday pop up and I had the pleasure of being introduced to two new businesses: Khakiman Candles (that’s later) and GFP (Guilt Free Pastries). The day had been long and I was hungry so hanging out at Cowork led to one thing, thoughts of snacks.

GFP’s owner Brandon Thomas, with his bright Magic Johnson smile, stood next to his table covered with snacks. To the left there is a picture of some random dude in a picture and Brandon on the other side of the picture… It’s got to be some random dude because how does a guy go from being a 300 pound guy to a 150lb, squeeze the crap out of your hand dude unpacking a Mustang full of gluten free pastries? Well I guess it’s important to say that GFP is not only a pastry company, it is also a lifestyle company that offers health consultations and fitness training. Basically when you buy one of the pastries you can also get advice on how to make a lifestyle change which I think is awesome.

Try calling Keebler, Pillsbury or Sara Lee and getting advice on how to begin your workout program. The elves will probably give you the finger and keep it pushing through the forest. Right now the website does not present this information (Someone should really update the site and put this information on there, like tomorrow.), but the manager of Cowork Memphis is actually one of Brandon’s clients.

As anyone knows, I will try anything once. I’ve eaten meat from street vendors booths’ in the Philippines and in Dubai (At least I thought it was meat.) I stood in front of Brandon’s table and in my typical fashion I picked up one of everything before we left. I have to admit I was hesitant. I didn’t like the logo, I went to the site on my computer and while the pictures were vivid and clear, the name of the product wasn’t on any of the pictures that rotated on the home screen and throughout the site it was just a basic site. There wasn’t any real personal attachment for me to the brand. Nothing that kind of distinguished it. I looked for a blog that talked about his fitness training and that made the brand more interesting. I looked for a youtube video where Brandon actually talked about the pastries or working out, through the 4th wall (for those of you who have never heard of the 4th wall it’s when an actor speaks directly to the audience while acting). Basically I wanted to see more out of the website, but that’s me being critical from a business standpoint. If I am being critical I also have to be positive, the menu page on the site has excellent pictures with the description of the pastries beneath each one (Guilt Free Menu).  I bought the snacks and took them home. Notice I said I bought the snacks? Do that… if you see a small biz person, buy their stuff if you want to try it, don’t say stupid stuff like, “Is it free?” That’s mad irritating yo (Jesse Pinkman moment).

My pic of GFP before we quartered the pastries.

My pic of GFP before we quartered the pastries.

Alright back to the snacks.  (Okay, I call everything snacks… just go with it). Let me be more specific, there were a variety of pastries. I chose the Avocado Brownie, Ebony and Ivory Cookie, Cinammon Banana Cookies, Vegan Snickerdoodle Cookies, and White Chocoalate Chip Cookies. I guess to get to the core of this review I have to give you my old Gluten Free Experience.

My experiences with gluten free products are as follows:

Hesitant Bite

The Frown Smile

Buttons (when you get the water and really funky feel in the back of your mouth)

Grimace Swallow

Sneaky Throwaway

Basically my gluten free experience can be considered equal to getting a shot. Yeah, I should get a shot when I’m sick, but I don’t have to like it. Yeah I should eat more Non-GMO food and try healthier snacks, but I don’t like it; or I didn’t like it. I think the telling thing here should be how the family liked it. LV was ho-hum about the snacks, My son and daughter liked them and I killed each one with a glass of Almondmilk, and on the Ebony and Ivory, although Brandon told me not to, I added cool whip because hell, cool whip is crack, lol. Brandon’s pastries were actually moist. It didn’t have the pasty taste I’ve come to associate with eating gluten free cookies. They weren’t hard as hell at all. Quite frankly they made me feel guilty, kind of like watching porn…okay strike that.

GFP is definitely a Memphis Hi Lite and I highly recommend trying some of the snacks. Everything is made to order which is why the cost is a slightly higher, but consider the benefits and realize that until non-GMO becomes the norm that eating healthier will be a bit more. It’s worth it though. Visit the GFP site, follow Brandon on Twitter and like the Facebook page because I said so doggone it.

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