Get To Know: Zo!

p1451387690-6I will probably repeat this over and over again as I begin to write more articles for CBP. My goal is to make maturity dope. In other words, jumping and bouncing all over the place is cool when you’re young. As much as I like seeing people Nay-Nay (sp?), when you get to a certain age you begin to enjoy the slowed down aspects of cool. This doesn’t mean putting on Crosby, Stills and Nash, drinking tea on the porch and driving in the right lane with your signal turned on. Being mature means that you are just as comfortable listening to Trane and Miles as you are listening to Gregory Porter and Jose James.

This post is about an artist who fits into the category that I call “dope enough for kids, but just right for us” US being the crowd who can actually go to a fine dining restaurant just as quick as we would hit a fast casual joint. Zo! is an artist from the D (Detroit). I didn’t know this until I began researching a bit about him. What’s funny is I’d heard some of his older work just in passing when I would visit Okayplayer and skip around to a variety of sites that were linked there. I just never thought about buying or actually sitting with the music. I’m a huge fan of collaborative joints made by arranger-musicians who drop albums with a variety of artists featured. (Think Robert Glasper Experiment for a recent example – that reminds me I need to do a Get To Know on that project)

Zo! is a member of the Foreign Exchange family. He is a keyboard player, but is an accomplished musician in his own right. I want to write a lot more, but in these Get To Know articles, the goal is to get you interested enough to do what I do which is to actually buy a work of art from a musician that makes being an adult straight up cool. Kid’s take note and OG’s stop dwelling on the past and step your music game up and get to know Zo!

Greater Than The Sun from SunStorm