Get To Know: Timothy Bloom – A Bud Opening To The World

41XzJBRkG7L._SL500_AA280_If I see an artist with Herbie Hancock there is an instant amount of validation. Obviously I expect the artist with him to be a pianist. I also expect that artist to be capable of composing and blending music styles. Since I’m in my office I miss the introduction and I have to sit through the entire video to discover who this new voice is.

I’ve said it once and I will say it again, these Get To Know posts are often created from moments of inspiration where I feel compelled to share something I think other people should support.

Alright, so I’m watching VH1 Soul and I see Herbie Hancock at a piano talking to this young cat and I automatically stop what I’m doing in the office and I start listening  and this is the song that starts playing:

Like any one listening we immediately associate singing and piano with John Legend and undoubtedly there is that first thought, but in my mind Timothy Bloom is really a change of pace. You have to go a little deeper and really check into his work. Yeah, Stand In the Way  definitely feels like a John Legend vehicle, but that’s why it’s on VH 1 Soul. There are moments where D’Angelo kind of comes through on some tracks, Raphael Saadiq and Prince, but I’m going in a different direction and giving you a different comparison.

Imagine John Lennon with a more resonant, soulful tone and you have it. I know that’s crazy after you listen to the above, but if you can take a moment to listen to Possibilities (Live) and then track down John Lennon’s “Beautiful Boy” and if you don’t agree with me, cool… but I think you will. With that said, what exactly is Timothy Bloom? Is he R&B? Pop? Soul? Folk? Once again I think what we have is another artist who isn’t bound by genre. In today’s market that’s what is needed to distinguish the art from all of the clutter that exists. I hope you will use the links below to add something from this artist to your music selection. I dig it and I think you will as well. Get to Know: Timothy Bloom

P.S. The guy has one hell of a story.