Get To Know: The Foreign Exchange

This week FE+ arrived in Memphis and instead of going to enjoy the show at the Hi-Tone, I found myself working on some business things. If you see me, slap me for that one. Sometimes you have to learn to enjoy what you have and take a break. I’ve been playing the hell out of Love In Flying Colors, and I basically played Connected into the ground as well. Leave It All Behind was on repeat for months as well. To be honest I only discovered FE+ because of an accidental search on Vevo. I found a one night only, invite performance video and watched it all in one setting. This was about two years ago. I began buying their records and realized that the group was basically built kind of like Cee-lo and Dangermouse forming Gnarls Barkley. Phonte, formerly of Little Brother and Nicolay a musician/producer from Europe(I forget where and I’m too lazy to google/bing it) began transferring files after meeting on the Okayplayer message boards.

Long story short, I’ve been enjoying the music for two years and today my mother-in-law completed my collection of FE music by buying me Authenticity. Below is the song Laughing At Your Plans. Listen to it, dig it and then buy it and support good music.