Get To Know: Singa Bromfield

I recently went on one of my weekly excursions to buy a bunch of kicks to resell and standing in front of the store was a man with a guitar in classic NYC street musician style. His foot was against the wall, his guitar was held across his stomach and his fingers strummed the strings with agile movements, but it was his voice. His voice was a calming force of melodic, soulful gravity. I typically fail to find the sincerity in today’s singers. Most people sound so polished and packaged that they fail to really resonate with me. In my mind I still live in a time where music was more important than the video and the sound connected you to a memory. Now musc simply ties you to a dance move and the memories are worth keeping. This man leaning against the wall played. It didn’t matter if people thought he was homeless or hustling or keeping his guitar case open to just take the dough that people tossed in the box. He just played and I thought to myself, incredible.

What possesses the artists to perform when financial benefits are not there? Is it the hope to get a dollar? I think that in this man there is the need to create and get the art out there. Most young people are afraid to embarass themselves in front of their friends, let alone place themselves in a position to be judged and critiqued. Singa Bromfield is an artist. He does not allow inhibitions to prevent him from creating and giving everyone, him.
I don’t know how many people will see this Get To Know or whether anyone will take the time to visit the videos and listen, but if you have a dream and you are having a difficult time pursuing that dream here is someone that you can take the ride with. Get To Know: Singa Bromfield. This song is called Wake Up World, indeed Singa, indeed.

Late Night Jam Session