Get To Know: Native Sun

downloadAlright as you know, or probably don’t since I don’t get as much traffic as I should, I only post a Get To Know when I have a fit of inspiration. Consider this a straight up conniption fit. It’s hard for me to get excited about Hip-Hop lately. Obviously we all lose it with another Jay Elect verse or a Kendrick sighting. Run the Jewels 2 can keep me satiated, but The Roots ATYSYC was just too damn short to keep me happy. So a couple of days ago I’m sharing some Zo! and I get a friend add on Facebook from Brandon Meeks letting me know the bass player in the video is a part of a collective out of Indianapolis named Native Sun. (Funny thing is… he’s the bass player! How dope is that!) The other funny thing – who the hell lives in Indianapolis? (My bad Will, I know you’re holding it down in The Nap – Will is my brother from another who runs the House of Hoops there so there is one person I know in the Speedway… because honestly the only thing I know about Indianapolis is the race – shoulder shrug – not anymore though.)

My first thought is… damn someone alluded to Bigger Thomas as a collective? What the hell will this be? I figured Native Sun would be a group with a grimey sound, which is cool with me, but to my surprise that too short Roots album… just got replaced by something uniquely dope and effing fantastic! Interestingly enough one of my favorite emcees, Blitz The Ambassador has an album named Native Sun so I’m wondering if the name of the group actually refers to him instead of the classic Richard Wright book Native Son. Either way, if you’re like me and you use your phone for everything here is a guilty pleasure and tip in regard to the group. They have both of their albums on their website available to stream.  My one big disappointment is that there isn’t a donate or buy now button on the site. Come on son! Get that button on there.

What’s great though is there is a place to buy these albums (I actually got the link from the B Meeks as I was writing this. So that’s a good thing. The business person in me says that bandcamp doesn’t have an affiliate program so I don’t like that. The business man in me also says hey, don’t make people have to click away from your site unless they are going directly to a purchase point where they already have their credit card info saved Amazon, and iTunes… but this isn’t a business post. Then again everything is a business post, lol).

Hit their bandcamp and don’t be cheap when you download something. Shoot the bruhs 5 dollars at least!

Native Sun on Bandcamp:

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Go to the damn website!

It’s dope, it’s clean…it’s clean! I mean we Hip-Hop heads who have families now can actually pump this with the fam in the car. That’s a big damn deal over here. Get To Know Native Sun. I promise you’ll be nodding your heads and feeling that.