Get To Know: Jeanne Jolly

angelsbanner_new3Acoustic + Soul + Country + Spring + Summer + Fall + Warmth + Date Night …
I could go on and on and on, but sometimes when you discover someone and they actually make you feel some kind of way, you don’t run out of words to explain just what they are. By now it’s probably obvious I have a serious music romance with all things Foreign Exchange so it only stands that I would eventually get to Jeanne Jolly.

Her voice is like cool rain on a hot southern day. If you want to tuck the kids in and go out to the back porch and have a drink, or leave the kids at their grandparents and enjoy a date night that includes opening the moonroof and just driving around under the stars, then you have to put some of her music on your phone/cd/mp3. If there is a comparison that can be made, I guess it would be something like looking into the past to ask Crystal Gayle to remind everyone how fantastic it is to be an artist who bends genres instead of being one thing.

Maybe that’s why I’ve become so engaged in her music. It’s not just the connection to FE+, it really is my desire to find music that does what Bob Marley thought music could do… bring people peace and pleasure. Get To Know: Jeanne Jolly and take the time to support true music.