Get To Know: Dwele – What’s Not To Love

Originally posted this in May of 2010, I wrote this because I had been digging Dwele for a while. Although I knew many people wouldn’t see this post I wrote it because I feel that great artists deserve whatever search engine info that can be put out there. A couple of days ago, Jan 2015, I made my son watch this video right here:
My son plays guitar and is teaching himself piano. I know watching this video would inspire him. Sometimes that’s what we need is inspiration. By the way Dwele was digging in hard with the Youtube promotion but touring is slowed that down, but there are over 70 videos there of behind the scenes action. I have every Dwele joint (Except Drive the Future, my bad) and suggest you take some time to follow him on Twitter and on Facebook. I finally got around to doing all of that, smh. Then visit Amazon and buy everything dude has made, throw it on and start cooking those Super Bowl snacks, or setting up the house while listening. Stop and dance with your lady and your daughter (skip Flapjacks when you dance with your daughter tho, lol) With that said, here is my old, short, Get To Know post on Dwele G:
I tend to keep Dwele in the CD Rotation. After being introduced to Dwele when Dilla was pushing the Slum Village project in the early 2000’s, I found myself waiting and waiting on anything he was dropping. There are certain artists you have to be confident in yourself with, to let wifey or your lady, listen too without getting jealous that they are feeling the singer too much.
Dwele is one of the most underrated singers of our generation. His last CD dropped in 2014 the cover is below with a single in the Youtube vid.  I want to be one of the first to say that if you haven’t bought a Dwele CD treat yourself to one and as a matter of fact buy more than one. We have to support artists who are compelling, talented and maintain a high quality while dealing with the status quo.