Get To Know: Darien Clea Band – New music, real music

It’s been a while since I’ve been compelled to write a Get to Know. It’s been a while since I’ve been compelled to write anything on the site. While I have been watching a lot of movies and listening to a lot of music, none of it has struck the kind of nerve that forced me to the keyboard to share my thoughts about it. Today, 11/10/2012, I think I discovered something that recreated a fire in me to write a few words and to share these words.

My son is studying guitar with the Visible Community Music School based here in Memphis (a part of the Visible Music College which you should definitely get to know). Today Memphis was introduced to the MemFix project. Which is a coalition set to reignite the arts in conjunction with the Crosstown area in Memphis. The setting was at the corner of Cleveland Street. There were bands playing, food trucks lined up across the street and in a change for Memphis in November the weather captured the coolness and warmth of the atmosphere (oxymoron? yep). The Visible Music College put together a mini concert featuring instructors and students. The last artist to perform was Darien Clea Band.

It’s about 9 hours later, right now and I’m sitting here listening to the cd, which I pulled all of the money out of my pocket to buy without counting it I might add. Darien Clea’s voice is a mixture of Regina Spektor, Lamb and the feel of warm spring rain that you want to stand in and let cover you from head to toe. Really the blend of acoustic and piano creates a sound that is described as folk, but in reality the music has a deeper soul. There is something to be said about singer/songwriters who craft songs that are careful and descriptive stories, these artists who create and play… matter. Darien’s voice is stunning. I could sit here and add her bio and try to sound all educated in writing a music review, but I won’t. the purpose of this is to introduce her to the few people that stop by this blog. Check out her myspace page here, Like her Facebook page here and take a few minutes to just listen. Get to Know Darien Clea Band.

P.S. The song that I think will be a major breakout song is “So I Hid Myself” get her cd or listen on the myspace page to hear this song and let me know what you think. In the meantime Get To Know Darien Clea Band