Get To Know: Backpackramento by Mahtie Bush

Being an ex Cali representative, we knew we had a nice Underground Hip-Hop and poetry scene featuring guys like Mantis, Orko, Bennie Heron, Jahsun, but we rarely gave credence to people outside of San Diego. It wasn’t disrespect, it was just a real focus on our work. Now that I’m 2000 miles away, and older, I’m discovering the power of the North, Bay Area (not quite), Sac Town. I lived there for a minute with my pops, and oddly enough I discovered Digable Planets in Sac (yep DPs og backpackers, spiddyocks, sun moon and star, planet of Brooklyn). Gives you an idea of how long ago that was. Anyway, I got this link from Lou Slugga of MLS and anytime I can get a Roots allusion it takes me to  another level. The video is dope and I have to say it: ANTHEM! Check out Backpackramento by Mahtie Bush. Like the ish out of this video.