Get To Know: Anthony David…How Did I Miss This?

1360101773231_mobileLargeDude is dope. End of the blog post. Click the link below and buy his shit. Okay I got that out of the way. Seriously. This guy has been around for over a decade and I pride myself on finding music and writing something about it just to kind of get my my “Music Snobs” on… although I really don’t do this enough, I really like finding new music. So I’m sitting around using Bing to search for stuff about sneakers for ARCH and I’m going through my bookmarks and I see Anthony David’s name.

Now because I’ve taken a lot of time away from Social Media and running across things I’ve had on the shelf for a while. When I use Facebook, I don’t browse very well. I literally lose the essence of what the internet was created for, knowledge. I hadn’t gone through my bookmarks in years. I don’t even remember bookmarking it. It could have been a year ago, it could have been 5 years ago since I migrate my bookmarks when I get a new computer, but the problem is I hadn’t written anything. Usually when I do get around to the artist, the artist doesn’t have a million views on any videos. More important an artist with a million views is usually in the mainstream in some kind of way so I would have heard about him or saw his stuff somewhere on my timeline… But guess what? I hadn’t. I mean I haven’t seen anyone in my timeline share his work and once again, dude is dope. Which speaks more to my timeline… all of you have failed me. Stop sharing fights, corny ass jokes and shit, and share some good music. I can say that over and over again, but the only way for you to feel this like I do is to drop a video here, share some links and make sure you follow him. Oh, and do what I do with Bing, use it to search so you can rack up points and use it to get free Amazon gift cards to buy music if you’re cheap, or just come up off of that Five Guys money and pick up something by an artist that has dropped gems for almost a decade.

Big up Anthony David!


Anthony David’s website: Okay I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t write this part. I want to read your blog, but you are using white print on a dark background. That creates burn in and I won’t stay on your site very long if it hurts my eyes. There is a reason most sites have dark print on light backgrounds. Fix that. Also your site doesn’t have a title on the tab, come on Rolling Mojo. Make this site a bit more readable at least the most important thing is there, links to the music for purchase. Then again as a small biz person at least sign up for Amazon Advantage and link your albums so you can earn ad revenue from those who use that site to buy. Especially since I’m not buying directly from you on the site. Oh second part… at the bottom of the page on your twitter link, it shoots me to some random spam twitter so I had to find your twitter which is correct below.



Oh if you like the video up there ^^^^ click on this below and buy the album. You can also click his name on the page when you go to it to search for more music, or just buy through all of his links on the site. Get To Know: Anthony David.