Get To Know, Again: Lou Slugga of MLS

A couple of months ago I reviewed a cd here named Sharpshootaz which was a new release by MLS. If I had to give a cd a rating out of 10, that album would have grabbed an 8 primarily on the strength of lyrics alone. This is a solo performance by Lou Slugga, a third of the group MLS.  Whenever I talk Hip-Hop I think about Guru of GangStarr and what he said about an emcee, it’s mostly the voice. While there isn’t anything that literally distinguishes (barks or whines) Lou Slugga from his peers, there is a consistency to his flow; like I’ve said about other artists on this site, sincerity is in his words and tone. Check out his solo live performance where he pulls a Q-Tip ‘Dance on Glass; type acapella flow for about 40 seconds before jumping into a track that sounds inspired by some of that speed it up type sample by Kanye. The song is called Together. Lyrics!