Get To Know: Judah Getem – Closed Caption

61SRRV84GGL._SS280A lot of hip-hop today forces you to get past something. In this case, it’s not a bad thing. New music is frequently about struggle and hustling. There is trap rap, disrespectful rap (the stuff that demeans women under the guise of club bangers) and then there’s just stuff that makes you scratch your head while you listen to it. The only thing I had to get past here is the album cover. I saw this a few years back, but then Snoop Dogg/Lion reintroduced me to the song because he posted on his Youtube show Underground Heat.

Judah Getem is about uplifting the movement and music of Hip-Hop. Judah is out of San Diego, where the most famous emcee is Jayo Felony and Mitchy Slick. In short San Diego doesn’t really have an identity outside of emcees who are about “that” life. If I’m wrong correct me. Judah stands as one of those emcees that lacks a region. It’s like OutKast, they are from the south, but the music is universal and powerful. It’s also like Common who kind of defies his Chicago roots in grabbing a share of the mainstream market. Am I comparing this one single to two greats… Yes.

When I listened to the lyrics, I heard Tupac, mixed with Scarface and a return to storytelling and building. The beat feels like a combination of Premo and Kanye and the lyrics remind me of early Wu Tang in that it stresses the importance of being careful about the type of lyrics being laid on a track. There isn’t a lot out there about the emcee beyond a Facebook page and this Youtube page, but you should definitely Get To Know Judah Getem. In my estimate, I guess the name stands for an emcee who has summoned the strength of the Lion of Judah to resurrect Hip-Hop. Yeah, I kinda like that.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The emcee is calling on any people who have heard him to take the time to download a copy of Closed Caption. In his words, “This is my chance to make more positive music. Closed Caption is my Kickstarter. I need that extra push that the people can give me by downloading the song and then telling a friend to tell a friend, to tell a friend to download the single.”

Download this single and let’s get some music from Judah!

This dude deserves to finish this album. Download Closed Caption so we can get more of this.