Facebook suspends Domain Insights, – Digiday

New publishers no longer have access to Facebook Domain Insights or third-party share data, thanks to a change Facebook made quietly this week.

Source: Facebook suspends Domain Insights, changing rules of the road for new publishers – Digiday

  1. I’m not some famous dude writing a blog, so in general people don’t listen to what I have to say.
  2. Famous people can give away content on Facebook all day and it doesn’t hurt their pockets or business. You know why? They are famous already and if you haven’t been paying attention Facebook is actually paying people for live videos… not your crazy ass though. Don’t believe me: http://www.recode.net/2016/4/6/11585888/facebook-paying-media-partners-like-buzzfeed-to-livestream
  3. If I say this right now, in a few days some famous person will talk about it and you will cheer.
  4. When I’m famous, I will keep telling you the truth, which means I won’t be famous for long, lol.

Okay now that is out of the way. If you are a new company just getting on Facebook, what the source article is discussing is the fact that you won’t be able to analyze exactly how your content is being viewed on Facebook when it is shared through an API or from an external location. This is important because if you analyze your data then you want to know where your content is going and where the traffic is coming from. Facebook’s decision to kill off Domain Insights for new publishers means that LIKE I HAVE BEEN SAYING, Facebook really wants you to stay inside of Facebook.

I’ve said it once, and I will say it again and again, Facebook has killed more small business websites and blogs than Amazon has killed bookstores and the tragic thing is people just don’t give a f–k and that is really unfortunate. Click the links and read and learn and continue not caring.