Dr. Cathryn D. Blue

About the Author 

e-mail: bluefolktronica(at)gmail.com
Dr. Cathryn D. Blue is a social magician, satirist, musician, and permaculture farmer. She studied CPT (Colored People’s Time) and African American racial ideology at Saint Louis University in St. Louis, MO. She uses art and community engagement to challenge convention and exploit respectability politics that silence the vulnerable. She hopes that her work will be used to inspire self exploration and increase dialogue that creates and restores people’s power.

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Clap Back (v): to swiftly assert one’s dignity in the face of an audaciously misguided adversarial attack. It’s not about going off on others. It’s about knowing, accepting, and loving ourselves for who we are. We are dynamic human beings with rich stories, highs, lows, joys, pains, and everything in between. Every element of us is great. When we are aware of our greatness, society’s attempts to shame or silence us simply expose more super powers that, when honed, become the tools we use to connect, heal, and change the world for the better…which can sometimes look like going off on others, but they learn.
Self knowledge, self love, and self care is radical among Black Women because so many forces in the world benefit from keeping us in the dark about our own worth. Knowledge is power and the more we know about ourselves, the more powerful we become. We have every right to claim, defend, and enjoy our very own space in our ever changing worlds while also respecting the spaces that others hold. Knowing ourselves requires exploration. The quotes and questions in the Clap Back Tool Kit are tools designed to spark inner dialog and self exploration that creates and restores personal power.

Download the Digital Book | Clap Back Tool Kit