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It’s the end of the week which means time for a new edition of “This week in #SettlerNonsense” a weekly review of some of the things that are just plain #SettlerNonsense.

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When I was in grad school I had this ridiculous literary crush on a fellow writer named Cutcha Baldy. Her writing was sharp. I mean, she could do things with wit that would make you laugh out loud, and in the next sentence you’d regret laughing because the point she was making was so damn important.

She’s now a PhD and one of the greatest young minds at San Diego State… scratch that… one of the greatest minds in our country, and I’m writing blogs hoping that people see what I’m doing.

Anyway, in the rush of people celebrating all things Beyonce, Cutcha noticed something that was overlooked. She talks about it in this blog post linked above. She also hips you to how Hollywood has moved from insulting Native Americans to demonizing them, literally.

You should subscribe to her blog and bookmark her site. Get To Know Dr. Cutcha Risling Baldy (click the source link above)