CBP Sports: Ronnie Black Development

CBP Arts is looking at every aspect of helping people develop their projects and get started on creating a platform for launching their dream. This weekend I sat down with Dallas based, Mississippi bred sports trainer Ronnie Black. As a protege of Tyler Relph, Ronnie is bringing the same drive and training to the Tri State area in Memphis, North Mississippi and Arkansas. Ronnie has worked with professional players like Julius Randle of the Lakers and highly regarded University of Kentucky freshman Skai Labissiere. He is currently training several overseas pros and has added high all the way to elementary school players to his group and individual training sessions.

Like many trainers, his forte is fitness and well being, not business. As a former basketball coach and a tech guy, we laid out a plan for him to have an online presence. As a new business it is difficult to get started, so I saw the opportunity for ARCH to sponsor his workouts since he has access to high profile athletes, I took the time to purchase the domain and hosting for www.ronnieblackdevelopment.com . In the next few weeks I will begin working on the site and teaching Ronnie how to set up scheduling on the site using Square.

rbdlogorevisedI created a new font for this logo this morning and I think it looks cool. I will keep you updated on the site progress and I’d like you to welcome Ronnie Black to the family. Social Media and website links coming soon.