CBP Music: The Vince Allen Project


Vince Allen

Since I started working on music as a business I basically purchased finished projects and released them through the label. I attempted to start booking studio time and find artists to work with, but that was easier said than done. The thing about artists is that they want to do things their way. After experiencing some serious setbacks working with artists determined to do it their way and after running into no return phone calls, e-mails, or rude people for studio time, I decided to buy my own equipment.

This has led to working with my son as the first artist. Since we homeschool we have worked this into the curriculum as Studio (Music). The coolest thing about working on this is of course the time we get to spend working through the sounds. We’ve been at it for about two weeks now. Last week he decided to add to his own studies by creating a documentary. Below is the playlist for The Vince Allen Project on YouTube. The playlist will update with each video added so check back each week for a new video of what we are working on.

Subscribe to Vince Allen’s YouTube: This is the only form of social media Vince is allowed to use at this time. He posts his recital videos and practice sessions and well as live music events. It’s a pretty cool channel to check out since it documents from the time he started to today.

Watch the episodes of The Vince Allen Project here on CBP: