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By Stefanie Flamm The days are longer, the sun is brighter, and our digital store partners are gearing up for a summer’s worth of big updates: Amazon Music plans to release a new streaming service that will compete against Spotify and Apple Music US music mogul Guy Oseary, famous for representing Madonna and Nicki Minaj, … Continue reading June News From Our Store Partners →

Source: June News From Our Store Partners – TuneCore Blog

As the music industry pushes to make vinyl important again, which is great, the major investment in music is happening in the digital area. Tunecore news drops a list of new investments. One in particular is eye-opening, Amazon.

Amazon has changed and shifted the book industry in a way that literally wiped out indie bookstores. Amazon currently has a Prime service (that I advertise on the sidebar which is really ironic and needs to be explained in detail). This Prime music has a lot of music that comes with your subscription to Prime. They are creating a streaming music service that will have an expanded service and exists independent of Prime.  Why is this important? The digital royalties of music that is published through major labels are in constant flux. Artists aren’t seeing much of a payday and the labels are able to keep what is really being paid under cover because the laws in regard to streaming have yet to be regulated. The best an artist can do is ask for the books to be opened. Music right now is the wild west and while all of the services expand the reach of an artist, they also increase the amount of advertising being done by the big boys to push their music which pushes small labels like CBP Music into harder to find places. That’s another story. Click through the Source link above to read and stay up to date.